Parent Volunteers Needed – Rehearsals, Game Nights and Competitions

Every week we rely on our parent volunteers to ensure successful performances.  A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to make it all happen.  There are many ways to get involved – we need several parents to help with each of the following positions, which role would be best for you?

Water & Ice
Keep the band hydrated!  It is still very hot during many of the rehearsals and performances.  Students need to drink plenty of water to avoid overheating and dehydration.  Parents filling this role arrive early to fill our water dispensers with ice and water, then transport the water cart to the field.  After the game, dump the coolers and return them to the band room.  For away games and competitions, rolling ice chests are filled with ice and bottled water.  Donations of bottled water are always needed!
Time commitment: 15 minutes before every event, 15 minutes at the end of every event

Truck Team
Move the band!  The truck team helps move all of the equipment to away games and competitions.  Parents filling this role arrive early and coordinate loading instruments, uniform racks and props into a UHaul rental truck.  When we arrive at the show, unload the truck and let the kids get their equipment.  Reload the instrument cases and uniform racks for safe storage during the event.  After the event, get the cases and racks back off the truck to be filled and reload it again.  Finally, return to the school and unload the truck for the night.
Time commitment: 1 hour before every away event, 30-60 minutes while at event, 30 minutes after every event.  The more consistent volunteers we have, the faster it goes!

Uniform Crew
Dress the band! These parents make sure out students look great!  Parents in this role help students get dressed before the show and make sure that they have hung up the uniforms properly after the show.  Help shine shoes and shako hats as needed, make sure that the proper socks are being worn.  Right before the performance, parents place the feather plumes in the shakos and remove them right after.
Time commitment: 1 hour before every event, 30 minutes after every event

Bus Chaperones
For away games and events, we need 2 parents per bus along with a staff member. Check students on and off the bus.
Time commitment:  Usually 4-5 away games per season. As early as 4pm each away game, on a Friday, and a continued commitment through 10-11pm that evening. Usually 4-5 Festivals or other events.  Times vary.

Stadium Crew
Parents in this role tape off the band section of the stadium seating and secure the cloth seat covers to the stadium benches before the band enters the stadium. After the game, remove the seat covers and tape and check for trash/belongings left behind by the band. During home games, these parents also pass out flyers to families entering the stadium advertising our Peter Piper Pizza fundraiser that takes place after every home game.
Time commitment:  less than an hour at every event, home and away

Pit Crew
Take a Pit Stop! “The Pit” is the Front Ensemble, the students at the front of the field with the more stationary equipment.  Parents in this role help move the equipment on and off the field.   During competitions, there are time constraints imposed.  Entering the field early or leaving late can result in penalties, so it’s important that volunteers watch the officials and work together for efficient movement.
Time commitment:  Less than an hour at every event, home and away.  Consistent game experience required to assist at competitions.

Prop Runners
Set the Stage! Props are used to enhance the story line and visual effects.  Parents in this role help move the props on and off the field. Just like with the Pit Crew, volunteers must be aware of the time constraints and prop placement.
Time commitment:  30 minutes at every event, home and away.  Consistent game experience required to assist at competitions.

Drum Major Stands
Let them be seen! In order to be seen by the entire band from anywhere on the field, the drum majors are elevated on large metal platforms.  Parents in this role set up the stands just before the performance and take them down when the show is done.  For competitions, this must be done in the time constraints.
Time commitment:  30 minutes at every event, home and away.  Consistent game experience required to assist at competitions.

Save the Show! All shows are taped to for review and analysis to ensure continuous improvement.  Use the band’s GoPro and set up on top of the announcers booth in the stadium to record every performance.
Time commitment:  30 minutes at every performance, home and away

Merchandise Table
Sell the gear! During home games, band and spirit gear is sold near the concession stand.  Parents filling this role take the merchandise and table to the stadium, set up the displays. Collect money for and track merchandise sold.
Time commitment:  approximately 2 hours at every home game

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Various volunteer opportunities will become available during the season, watch your email and attend booster club meetings to see what needs to be done!

Don’t have time to help?  Donations of the following items are always needed and appreciated:

  • bottled water
  • snacks (no chocolate or peanuts)
  • long black socks
  • bobby pins and hair ties
  • first aid supplies
  • financial donations